About 14CARBON

14CARBON is a new brand from Holland that uses nanotechnology to create highly strong, stiff and nearly scratch free & nearly unbreakable bike frames. In comparison to traditional carbon composite, all carbon fiber in our frames is replaced with nanotechnology. We engineered a unique nanoframe and coating applying nanomaterials such as nano graphene, nano polymers, nano silicium and nano aluminium.

Why nano?

Nanotechnology is a growing industry with opportunities to consider. The 14CARBON full nano frames are highly strong and stiff. The unique combination of our nano frame and the nano coating leads to a nearly scratch free and nearly unbreakable bike frame.

Nano Graphene || conductive and strong

Graphene is known for its conductivity and capability to absorb high impact forces. Graphene nano (5 nm) is extremely flat and thin. 14CARBON uses Graphene nano for its enhanced stiffness and strength.

Nano Polyaramid || stiff, strong and smooth

Polyaramid has been known for a long time, but the nano polyaramid material offers some additional unique features. In crystalline shape, polyaramid is one of the strongest materials in the world today. It’s also known for its great vibration absorption. In amorphous shape the polyaramid is very soft and smooth and can be used as slipping material. The fibers in the 14CARBON model CO1 are made of 70% polyaramid fiber: they make the frame nearly unbreakable. The amorphous polyaramid is applied in our coatings, giving enormous slip and ability to remove scratches.

Nano Silicium || hard and water repelling

Silicium is best known as silica or as in sand. If applied in a topcoat, the result is a very hard and water repelling surface that is nearly impossible to scratch. 14CARBON applies nano silicium to produce bikes that are easy to wash and do not hold dirt and water during the ride.

Nano Aluminium || hard

Nano aluminium can be extremely hard. In fact it’s just a little softer than diamond (but much more affordable than diamond). We applied nano aluminium in our 3 layer coatings, to add hardness and return impact energy forces.

This innovation was sponsored by the Dutch government (WBSO). We consulted with Ideas2cycles in Finland, associated with Helsinki Aalto University.